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Answering the Question: What is Branding?

Having a brand for your business is so important in today’s market, but WHY is it so important? And, let’s take a step back, what IS a brand? And HOW does it move your business forward?

I’m diving into all these questions and more with real world examples, best tips, and what you can do next to build your brand, attract ideal clients and book out your service.

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3 Lessons We Can Learn From Starbucks, Target and Apple

I think we can all agree that not only have we heard of these brands, but we LOVE them. We're sortof die hard fans, aren't we? Whenever I talk to people who love Starbusks, they REALLY love Starbucks.

Or, I have friends who love going to Target–just to wander the aisles and see the beautiful set-up in home decor. Now, that's some brand love. Or people who have Apple products–they don't just have an iPhone. They have an iMac, or an iWatch, or a Macbook Pro... typically more than one Apple product. So why is this? How does each of these companies create such a loyal following? That's exactly what we're diving into today.

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Tell Tale Signs You're Ready for a Rebrand

I’m working with a client right now who has a great brand that I didn’t create.

A lot of business owners start out all gung ho. They’re excited to get started and they either DIY or hire a designer for a logo and piece things together to make it work until they can make things more professional down the line and invest in branding. 

I think it’s wonderful when business owners recognize the worth and value that comes with branding and how it can catapult your business to new heights, but how do you know if you need either A) a brand refresh or B) a full rebrand from the ground up? Here’s how to know for sure.

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