15 Creative Ways to Use Styled Photography

Taking your own styled photos, or getting brand photos taken for you, is one of the best ways to extend your brand by making it unforgettable and unique.

Not only do brand photos (meaning, photos taken specifically for YOUR business) give your business it's own personality, but it also sets it apart with professionalism, creativity, and confidence.

Ok, ok, you may be thinking. So how do I get the most out of the brand photos I have? (Or if you're considering DIYing some of your own).

I would love to unpack 15 creative ways you can use your photos to extend your brand.



1. Blog graphics

See above example: blog post cover. 

Using your own images for your blog posts is an excellent way to stand out. Especially if your photos show off your business personality and vibe– such as colorful and confident, or subtle and classic. The photos you use can definitely shout words that copy can't.

Having unique blog images that stand out if you're scrolling through Pinterest is also a great way to make your brand recognizable. No longer do you have to worry that someone else is using the same image you are.

You can be comforted in the fact that your graphic is unique and original to you and your business.


2. The home page

Out of all the pages on your website, typically the homepage gets the most traffic. So stopping visitors in their tracks with great design and a great photo is a must.

Especially since people's attention span has dropped dramatically to only 8 seconds, the need to grab people's attention and usher them in with welcoming visuals is vital.


3. Facebook header

Using stock photography for your Facebook header is OK, but using customized photography is better.

You want your Facebook page to be an extension of your business and brand so using a photo that is a unique styled image is the best way to go.

lp-photography-brandingArtboard 6.jpg

Facebook cover design for Lp Photography



4. Mock ups


Mock-ups are a genius and wonderful way to extend your brand. Not only are they a way to show off your work beautifully, but they are normally generic so you can use them time and time again.

This works really well for calligraphers and artists but it can work with any creative industry. Having some great branded mock-ups laying around are a great investment to continue to build your brand and expertise through a custom flatlay.


5. Exhibit a feeling

The photos we share on behalf of our brand should also showcase the feelings you want people to experience.

A great example of this is Lara Casey's Cultivate What Matters brand. The PowerSheets, an intentional goal-setting planner, is unique to her brand and she shares the feelings through this particular photo. Her colors are bright and exhibit feelings of playfulness, empowerment and excitement around goal-setting. 

Her photos embody the essence of the planner with feelings of excitement, joy and creativity while also hinting at growth and new beginnings. 



6. Advertising


When you have great images representing your brand, they speak for themselves. Images that are professional and unique to you immediately set the tone for professionalism and quality.

If you ever submit the photos for your business to a directory or a publication, the likelihood of having people click through to see more of your work will increase starting with quality photos. 


7. Website


I touched on this point with your homepage, but it's important to note that the rest of your site, should contain graphics. And the graphics will speak for you.

Graphics on a site almost contain just as much, if not more, weight than the content itself. Because graphics get people hooked, and the content makes people stay. If the graphics turn people off, they typically won't read your content.

Content is king, but graphics are queen.


8. Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there today and is seemingly 99% visual. 

While having a beautifully curated feed isn't as necessary or desired as it was even a year ago, having one that is cohesive and inviting is a great way to extend your vibe and capabilities.


My insta! Are you following along with me?


9. Share a lifestyle

Branding is all about the visual representation of your personality and style. Using photos is one of the best avenues to extend a brand personality. 

Not only can you incorporate flat lays, you can also bring in styled images with people that can show people what a life with your product or service can look like.


Styled photoshoot for Sonya Leigh Designs


11. Business cards

Making a great impression with your business card is the hope of anyone who passes their card out. And one way to make a great impression is with a stunning photo on one side of your card.

When this photo matches the style and vibe of your website and social media, your brand looks seamless and cohesive.

Consistency builds trust
sonya-leigh-designs-brandingArtboard 6.jpg


10. Investment catalog

Using your tailored photos in an investment catalog is a great way to turn heads. Not only does it extend your brand aesthetically but it can show off your pieces beautifully.


photography and design by R Artspace for MeritMade: mock up only


12. Social sharing

When an image of yours gets repinned or re-grammed on social media, it's an opportunity for you to make a lasting impression and share more of your work and mission with the world.

If your images never get shared, it's stunting your business growth. One way to get more shares is when you have original and compelling images. 


13. Collateral items

If you want to create a resource that is a part of your brand, using brand photography is the best way to extend the scope of your brand.

For instance, if you're a jewelry designer, take some styled images of your pieces and use them to create a catalog. Likewise if you are a calligrapher, you can create styled photos of your wedding suites and use them to advertise your services.

Whatever your business is, when you go off and start using collateral items, a great investment is to make those items representative of your brand.

Some collateral items include: Business cards, envelope design, letterhead, stationary, stickers, investment catalog, welcome kit, etc.


14. Show off your stuff

Have you ever asked people to share your work? 

If you have great images and are wanting to spread the word, don't be shy! Ask a peer or biz buddy to share what you're up to, or give them some images so they can share how they would like.


15. Attract more clients

The ultimate goal in business is to help people with doing what you love.

If you want to usher people in the door, give them a reason to come in.

The sooner they can see the work you're doing and view it as professional, polished, and inviting, the sooner you can get potential leads and perhaps make some sales. 

So get to work to create your own styled images that are unique to your brand.


become a pro at taking your own styled photos

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If you have brand photography for your business, how have you seen a change for the better with gaining traction?

What's your biggest hangup when it comes to styled brand photography?