15 Ways to Use Brand Photography

I'm a huge advocate for business owners investing in custom brand photography for their website and social media. Or creating their own images with this solution.

Just to name a few of the many reasons: Brand photos, like good design, can give your business personality, professionalism and when they're original to your business they can show dimension and creativity.

But the inevitable question always comes up. How am I supposed to use these photos?

Today I would love to unpack the many ways you can use brand photos for your business and how you can get creative with what you have.



1. Blog Graphics

(Exhibit A: above)

This is a very common way to use your brand photos and it's also very smart. Because when you use original blog graphics, naturally, your blog will be one-of-a-kind. So when you're scrolling through Pinterest and see a blog post for your business, there's no fear that someone else has that same image. You can be comforted knowing that your graphic is original, tailored to you and therefore sets you and your business apart.


2. The Landing Page


There are a lot of pages on your website, but one of the most important is the landing page for either a product or for your website's home page. Having tailored photography to your brand can really make a huge impact to how people view your brand and can make a great first impression for first time visitors. A couple businesses who use tailored photos for their home pages are Jenna Kutcher and Shay Cochrane. Both examples show how great and tailored photography can capture an audience and draw them in. 

Jenna Kutcher

Shay Cochrane


3. Facebook Header


Using stock photography for your Facebook header is OK but using customized photography is better. You want your Facebook page to reflect your business and hopefully display your service or product. Using a photo from a brand photoshoot is a great way to do this.


4. Mock Ups


Mock ups are genius and wonderful. Not only are they a way to show your work beautifully, but they are normally generic so you can use them time and time again. This works really well for calligraphers and artists but it can work well with any creative. Having some great branded mock ups laying around are a great investment to continue to build your brand and expertise through a custom flatlay.


5. Selling a Feeling


One way great brands keep a loyal customer base is through not only the product or service they offer but the feelings associated to the brand. For instance, Apple has one of the most loyal customer bases due to repeated professionalism through packaging and allowing their audience to feel confident and empowered when it comes to intuitive designs with their tech products. One of the ways they sell this feeling of confidence is with their clean photos, simplistic design and uncluttered vibe. When you decide to go with brand photography you're choosing to create the feelings as you create the images.


6. Advertising


When you have great brand photos they speak for themselves. Such as with Tivol, a premier Kansas City jeweler. They're advertising is solely based on their imagery (besides their logo). In short, when you have great custom graphics, they can do the selling for you.


7. Website


Sometimes people forget that that a lot of a website is graphics. Investing in brand photography can give you a gallery of images to use as you customize your website. Doing this solidifies your brand and also sets you apart from others in your industry. For further reading, I wrote a post about how to create a custom website experience with photography.


8. Instagram


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there today. And this is the only platform is basically 99% visual. Curating a beautiful feed takes time and a thoughtful consideration when looking at your brand and style. A great way to set yourself apart in your industry is to use original photos that speak to your brand style. 


9. Selling a Lifestyle


Branding is all about creating a feeling, a mood, and lifestyle with your visuals. Using brand photos is a great way to do this as well. Not only can you incorporate professional flat lays you can also bring in landscape scenes, styled shoots with models and other styled shoots.


10. Investment Catalog

Using your tailored photos in an investment catalog is a great way to turn heads. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it's also unique to your business and shows the professionalism and quality of your work.

11. Business Cards

Making a great impression with your business card is the hope of anyone who passes their card out. And one way to make a great impression is with a stunning photo on one side of your card. When this photo matches the style and vibe of your website and social media, your brand looks seamless, cohesive, and with consistency builds trust.


12. Social Sharing

When an image of yours gets repinned or re-grammed on social media, it's an opportunity for you to make a lasting impression and share more of your work and mission with the world. If your images never get shared, it's stunting your business growth. One way to get more shares is when you have original and compelling images, and when they're tailored to your brand, all the better.


13. Collateral Items

If you want to create a resource that is a part of your brand, using brand photography is the best way to extend the scope of your brand. If you're a health professional and want to create a resource for helping women make healthy snacks, have a professional photographer create your brand photos to showcase the easy and lightheartedness of your brand. Or if you're a painter, have a photographer document your process with the moody vibe of your brand. Whatever your business is, when you go off and start using collateral items, a great investment is to make those items representative of your brand.


14. Networking

When you have great, professional photos, it's normal that people may want to share what you're up to or show off your work. This has happened to me on Instagram multiple times, people share the photos I put out there and it only leads to more people coming to check out my work. Which leads me to...

15. Get Clients

The ultimate goal in business is to get clients and make money. If you want to usher people in the door, give them a reason to want to come in. The sooner they can see the work you're doing and view it as professional, polished, and inviting, the sooner you can get potential leads and perhaps make some sales.


I believe photography is a key element of visual branding and that’s why I offer it with my brand + Website service.

Interested? Take a look!

If you have brand photography for your business, how have you seen a change for the better in yur business?

If you haven't invested in professional photos, what's stopping you?