5 Effective Ways to get More Website Traffic

We all want more traffic to our websites. Perhaps it’s to get more loyal readers to our blog, or sell the products in the shop, or get more inquiries with our services. And the truth is, in order to get our business to where we want it, we need more people coming to our site to view what we have to offer.

How to get more traffic to your website/blog has been something I've been asked about a lot lately so I decided to share what I’ve learned with my own site in hopes that it can help you as well.




1| Be crystal clear about who you are and what you do.

This was engrained in my brain after being a loyal listener of the StoryBrand podcast. Donald Miller shares candidly that having a clear message is one, if not THE, deciding factor for someone to show interest in what you have to offer, or leave your site after being on there for only a few seconds.

Not to be dramatic, but if someone lands on your site they need to (immediately since we have the attention span of a goldfish) know exactly what you offer and how you can help them.

Clarifying your message starts on the homepage, the first sentence people see. Let me show you what I mean:

For example, say you're a health coach and on the homepage it says "Helping you feel refreshed." While feeling refreshed is great, it doesn't show WHO it helps or HOW it helps, or even who you are. 

Instead of saying "Helping you feel refreshed" unpack what you're saying.


Share who you are

Who you're specifically talking to

How you can make their life better


Here's the sentence revised to add in those key elements: "Helping busy moms feel energized with step-by-step meditation practices from an experienced health coach."

Simple, clear, easily understood. Perfect.


2| Use your social media to send traffic to your site

Social media should not be the end goal. After seeing the Instagram algorithm change so often, it’s clear we can’t put all our eggs in the Instagram basket. And I'm not just talking about algorithms, what if your account closed tomorrow? Would you have a way of contacting your followers?

This is why you want to A) funnel followers over to what you have to offer on your site but more like B) encourage your followers to join your newsletter.

If you're in the B) camp, head over to this post all about newsletter stuff.


3| Get the blog party started

If you don’t have a blog for your business you’re missing out on free marketing, and a lot of other bonuses I talk about in this post.

Blogging is one of the only ways to draw people back into your site because you're encouraging them with new content.

People need a good reason to visit what you have going on and a great way to do that is with a blog post that is helpful, encouraging, inspiring, challenging, entertaining or beneficial to their life in some way.

If your blog post does one of those things, you're in a good spot to attract people who could be interested.

Another thing to note is: this is why niching down is helpful. When you have a specific target audience then you know which content they could be interested in and can write specifically to help them.


4| Utilize Pinterest

If you DO blog, the best way to market your content is to post on Pinterest. Sounds simple enough and it truly is.

I use BoardBooster and it pins for me. Not only does this save me a lot of time, but it pays off with 80% of my website traffic coming from pins I have on Pinterest of my blog. Want to see my Pinterest board to see what I mean? Head over here and give me a follow ;)

Even if you don’t have a new blog post you can always post images of your product with a few quick sentences saying how the product helps with smoother skin, softer hair, more mental clarity, whatever you're helping people with.

Pinterest is less and less of a social media platform and more and more like a search engine, so make sure to use keywords in your title and the traffic will come.

5|  Be a guest

Word of mouth is one of the best ways for people to find out about you. And being a guest on someone else's platform can open up a whole new audience for you. Especially if their audience is loyal and trusts their recommendations. Then showing up on podcast interviews, through guest blog posts, and publications can really help boost more traffic to your site.

Interviews and guest posts are free marketing and are a GREAT way to grow your audience. Last year I noticed this for me when I guest posted I noticed an uptick with website traffic. People were interested in hearing or learning more about me so they naturally went to my site to find out. 

People are bound to check you out if they've read or heard something of value.

So don't be shy and pitch yourself. It could pay off big time.


And there you have it. Those are my proven methods for getting more website traffic. 

Did you find these tips helpful?

What's been your best way to get more web traffic?