Brand Reveal for Rose Costello


After our initial inquiry call to discuss branding for Rose's business I knew it was going to be a challenging project. But I was up for it.

Reason being, was because of the nature of Rose's business. Rose offers a complex, hard to pin-point service (a category all her own, so-to-speak) so designing a brand to encompass her service was delightfully difficult.  

But along with the creative challenge, the final result was something both Rose and I loved.


Rose helps people in a lot of different ways. Unlike other creatives I've designed for in the past who have recognizable titles, such as 'photographer' or 'life coach', Rose had a new genre of service altogether. Similar to a personal assistant, but the title we came up for her was Life Solutions Strategist. 

What this means, is Rose helps people in a variety of ways, from helping them source information for starting their business, to helping make funeral arrangements, to organizing home spaces for maximum use... there's so many things Rose can do, so creating a style direction for her brand was unique but after Rose filled out the questionnaire I knew the direction I wanted to take things.

My process begins with a thorough questionnaire that helps me understand what's most important to my clients, their vision, style, goals and more. It's a very revealing questionnaire and in this case Rose was thorough and detailed in her responses which really helped me pinpoint the important things she wanted to emphasize. 

Starting with the inspiration board, some of the words that stuck out to me when she described her business were:


• Cared for
• Relief
• Supported
• Empowered

With these words in mind I found images that represented organization, comfort, relief, with a dash of simplicity. A great visual direction to take us on to the rest of the brand.


After the inspiration board we moved on to the logo design.

The logo was created in a classic typewriter font that shows Rose's experience, character, and a nod to nostalgia. I paired it with an upright serif that makes for a great modern look.

The submark combines the "r" and "c" to make a unit. This submark is carried throughout all versions of the logo. The submark also represents how Rose bridges the gap between her client's old life and the solution she provides.

I felt it was very important to share how many years Rose has been serving clients so we added in "since 1995" on either side of the tagline. This also gives the logo dimension and balance.


The final brand was exactly what Rose wanted. Something clever, simple, while combining her love for both classic and modern tastes.

Here's what she had to say about the experience:

"RuthAnn, I am so totally satisfied with the crisp, clever images for my brand that you created. Hard to create a look for a service, but you did it. I am excited to move forward and build my online community.  Your professionalism in presenting the stages of work was important and your willingness to collaborate and build the finished product was terrific. The work, the thought, the ideas to share took much mental energies but the results show. Thank you! "

– Rose Costello


If you've struggled to capture your service-based business with a modern design I would love to connect to see if we could be a good fit. Reach out for free consult! 

I would love to hear what you think of the brand! 

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