Brand Reveal for Frogosa's Elite Solutions

When I first chatted with Kathy, we clicked right away. We were introduced through a mutual connection and our conversation was easy and flowing. Kathy is a bookkeeper with years of experience but just recently started her business online so the challenge was, trying to look like the professional she was but struggling to do all the things that weren’t in her wheelhouse.

She told me at one point that she felt “swallowed up” by others in her industry and wasn’t sure how she could stand out and look professional? I was very excited when she chose to work with me because developing a strong visual brand is one of the best ways to stand out amongst a crowd and clearly communicate your messaging. Take a look at how the brand took shape!


Kathy has been in the financial industry for decades. She’s capable, and excels in working with her clients and in her work, but her visuals didn’t represent the quality she offered OR the fun personality Kathy has. So it was up to me to create a new brand that would showcase her experience, make her look professional and also one that could easily communicate her calming, caring and sassy personality. It was a very fun project to say the least.

Kathy offers bookkeeping and tax services to individuals and service-based businesses. But more than that, Kathy offers a different approach than most bookkeepers. Kathy understands the weird shamy feelings we have around money, goal-setting, and where “you should be” when it comes to finances. So instead of the rigid approach to financial situations, she offers holistic financial services and mentorship. She comes alongside her clients as a guide, never shaming them but also coming with an approach of kindness. Her approach is mindful, intuitive and driven by compassion. This is the backbone of her business and I wanted to make sure to highlight this mindful and compassionate mindset with visuals that beautifully illustrated these qualities.

Some of the words she used to describe her business were:


• Streamlined
• Caring
• Dedicated
• Nurturing
• Mindful

With these words in mind I found images that represented an approachable yet calming visual identity. This is the visual direction we used for the rest of her brand.


After the inspiration board we moved on to the logo design, color palette and initial brand presentation.

The owl is a meaningful part of Kathy’s business so I was excited to incorporate this element. Not only does it have personal significance to Kathy but it fits really well with her business because an owl symbolizes wisdom and assurance. I used a classic yet modern serif for the business title and paired it with an easy-to-read sans-serif for the tagline. We created the tagline to be a circle to add personality and also represent the holistic nature of her business.

We were both thrilled with the outcome and I was so happy when Kathy replied to my email showing her a final presentation “LOVE LOVE LOVE!”


After we created the branding elements we moved onto the collateral items, such as her business cards, an opt-in for her website and eventually we created a whole new website in Squarespace. The site is carefully laid out to invite the viewer to explore what Kathy offers, learn more about her, and encourage them to download her Money Mapping freebie.

The final brand and website are full of professionalism, personality and is streamlined– exactly what she was wanting!

It was such a delight to work with her on this brand and website! Wanna take a tour? Head over here to view the new site!

I would love to hear what you think of the brand! 

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