How to Prepare for a Vacation as a Business Owner

When you're in the thick of keeping on top of social media, content marketing, and managing your client projects, taking a vacation can sound like a luxury that you're willing to forgo. But, as I discovered this past week as my husband and I were able to take a vacation of our own, it's not a luxury, it's a necessity.

Getting away does wonders. Getting out of the everyday routine and the endless daily grind, gives you clarity, opens your mind, and allows for space to breathe and collect your thoughts. But how do you set everything up so that things run smoothly while you're away? What if you have a million things that need to be done? How do you step away when you have so much to do? 


1. Make a List


I'm a lover of lists. Lists helps give you a bird's eye view of everything you need get done and it also alleviates your mind of all that's jumbled up inside. This is something I did that helped a great deal. My friend Amanda, of Rough Draft Solutions gave me this tip.

Write down everything you need to get done. Then rearrange the order to the most important things on top and the least important at the bottom. From there you assign 3 things to get done each day. And the things you don't get done just let go. It was very freeing and helped me so much to feel less overwhelmed and anxious about my upcoming departure.


2. Plan ahead on your Content Marketing

For those of us who do blogging for business, consistency is very, very important. So keep up with your posting schedule by planning ahead and scheduling out your posts. If you use Squarespace, the process is very easy:  

• In the blog tab, click on the plus sign to add a post
• In the blog page, down in the bottom right corner it says "Draft" and click on that
• There are 4 things you can do here (Reviewed, Scheduled, Needs Review, and Draft ) and you want to click on "Scheduled." This gives you a calendar view and the option of when to publish your post. You can choose date and time and you can plan out months ahead of time.
Easy peezy!

It's a good idea to always plan out your blogs but it's especially important to maintain them (if possible) while on vacation.


3. Communicate with Your Clients

Communication is vital when it comes to your clients and projects. Letting your current clients know that you'll be gone is good so they are in the loop to perhaps delays or lack of communication while your away.

And for your email, write a canned response for while your away. If you have Gmail it's quite simple. 
• Below your photo in the main screen for Gmail, there's a little machinery wheel icon. Click on that and go down to "Settings"
• Once in settings scroll down toward the bottom there is a section on the left labeled "Vacation Responder" and you can view the calendar and choose which day you want to start and finish your canned response. There's also a place to write a customized message.


4. When You're on Vacation, Be on Vacation

While we were away, neither my husband or I used our phones. And I LOVED it. It was so amazing to actually be away and not be wrapped up in what was going on back home, or online, or anywhere besides where we were.

We really enjoyed our surroundings and each other and didn't worry about everything else. It's easy to get caught up in what's going on with everyone else but sometimes it's really good, even healthy, to take a step back and not be so concerned with what's happening on social media and beyond. It's important to focus your attention and love on what's important. And when you're on vacation, normally you're with what's most important. So be present. It's very rewarding.

Did you find this list helpful?

What helps you prepare for your vacation?