My Process for a Styled Brand Photoshoot

Styled brand photography is high-quality photos that represent your brand or business. Today I'm showing you a behind-the-scenes look at the steps that go into a styled brand photoshoot and I'll show you a recent project that I completed that is one such shoot.

Recently, I've been working with makers and artisans who sell products and while crafting a brand photoshoot involves a model to show off the product, I focus the shoot around the quality, look and feel of the product as well as the brand itself. 

Hopefully, today's post will shed some light on the ins-and-outs of a styled brand photoshoot if you're curious or if you just want to see some beautiful photos, it's all here.



Task No. 1: Identify the direction

With every brand photoshoot, I start with the business itself and look at the brand as a whole. In this case, my client was Sonya Leigh Designs (who I've worked with before) and her jewelry is delicate, feminine, romantic and her ideal client is a 20 something with a love for beauty and grace. 

So this was the feel I was going for in the shoot. To capture these qualities through the styling, the model, the clothing, and the location. 

I wanted this shoot to be different and bespoke from the previous shoots I've done for Sonya. I wanted this shoot to capture the romantic and feminine beauty of Sonya's pieces and have these images be her signature photos for her website banner or branding pieces.

So to get started, I create a mood board to give direction to the shoot. 


Task No. 2: Plan and communicate 

I sent the mood board to Cara Bailey, my model for this shoot. I explained the romantic and feminine vision I had and I told her what type of dress I wanted her to wear and I offered direction for her hairstyle. 

In the planning phase, I also scouted out a location, chose what time during the day to do the shoot and made sure that I have the jewelry so I can be planning out poses and envisioning the day of the shoot.

When I asked Sonya for jewelry for this shoot I specifically asked for her most expensive pieces. This is because with a shoot like this, these images would best be representing her best work for a website banner or the like, so I wanted these pieces to be ones that she would want to sell the most of and have the pieces that are of the highest quality to represent her business well.

Task No. 3 Shoot and edit

The day of the shoot is always so exciting for me. When I used to shoot wedding and family photography I would always get so nervous, but with styled brand photography I find that I only get excited. 

During the shoot I keep the atmosphere comfortable with conversation and encouragement so I can get natural poses and keep the model feeling relaxed.

I am in love with how these photos turned out and I'm so excited to show you several of my favorites from this shoot.


My editing process begins in Lightroom and ends in Photoshop and I'm sure to save my images for web so they don't slow down any web pages with the loading time.


I'm thrilled with the outcome of these photos and my client Sonya felt the same way. A win-win in my book!

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I would love to hear what you think of this shoot!

Do you have any questions about styled brand photography?

Have you considered getting this type of shoot done for your own business?