How to Narrow in on Your Brand Style

This is for those of you who would label yourself as “in love with too many things.” And I totally hear you! I am the same way. When you start your business, or blog, or side hustle, the hardest thing to do is narrow in on a particular style for your brand. Been there, done that - and you know what? I’m still working on it! I honestly think every business owner is constantly evolving, therefore their style is evolving.

You know what they say, “nothing is more constant than change.”

But just because you’re constantly changing  doesn’t mean you can’t settle in on one style for your brand to put on your site now. I encourage that you find your current style and when you figure it out, run with it! So here are a few tips to discovering your brand’s style and how to showcase it:





Keep your audience in mind


I know this is mentioned a lot, especially if you’re in the process of branding or have branded before. The reason this is the first thing to keep in mind is that if you’re looking to attract a certain crowd (i.e. potential clients) you need to choose something that will attract them. If you’re going for a high end clientele, maybe youthful, whimsical colors and patterns aren't the best option.

The same goes for who you are wanting to attract and sell to. So keep your audience in mind when thinking of your style. I’m not saying do something that is not “you” at all, I’m saying as you’re choosing things you like, keep your audience in consideration.

Note: If you’re still wondering who your audience is, here’s a few things you can do: find out who’s following you on IG, take a look at your website analytics to find out where they’re coming from, see who is pinning your pins, and also who is reading your blog– from comments people leave to analytics.


How do you want people to feel when they interact with your brand

This is about your color palette. Research shows that 60% of people will decide if they’re attracted to a message based on color alone! Color also increases brand recognition up to 80% (source). So when choosing your color palette, it’s important that you think about how the colors make you feel and to be aware that they are pretty powerful. 

Here’s a quick rundown of some color psychology: 

Red = bold, passionate, invokes hunger
Orange = original, youthful, feels unique
Yellow = whimsical, happy, feels carefree
Green = fresh, environmental, feels tranquil
Blue = loyal, calming, invokes trust
Purple = royal, intense, feels imaginative
White = pure, simple, feels clean
Black = classic, secure, feels sophisticated

This is just a basic overview, each shade and tint also have their own emotions attached to them as well, but I will save that for a blog post all it's own ;)


Create a moodboard

This is the fun part. Go to Pinterest and make a board for your brand.

A secret board or not, pin away by choosing images to represent your brand. It can be anything as long as they are aligned with your brand or what you love for your blog or business. If you’re concerned that you’re pinning too many things, don’t be. This is an exercise to find out what you love. After you’ve done your fair share of pinning, try to narrow it down to 20-30 images. Those ones you cannot do without are a good reference point to see which ones contain elements of your style.

Once you have those 20, take a look at each one individually. As you’re taking note of each, ask yourself some questions: why am I drawn to this image? What’s the thing I love most about this? Why do I want this to represent my brand? Asking questions is always a great way to find out where the truth is. As you go through you will see patterns of what you like. Doing this exercise will help you find out what your style is and give you some clues for how to you can go about creating it for yourself.


 Stick with it 

Having your own brand or blog can be tricky because you have the power to change it as often as you like. But doing this leads to circling around, never staying consistent with your audience and ultimately you can loose trust with your potential clients. I encourage a minimum of 6 months with a style, meaning if you want to tweak the direction of your brand, wait for a set amount of time to make changes. During that time you can make a list of all the things you want to change, and when you do make some changes it will be well-thought through, decisive, and intentional.

Sitting on a style for about 6 months is helpful because you can get a feel for what’s working and what’s not working, it develops consistency with people who are coming to your blog or website, and it encourages dependability which leads to your audience trusting you and ultimately buying from you. 

So that's the rundown of narrowing in on your brand style: first and foremost think of your audience as you are choosing what you like, think of how you want people to feel when they interact with your brand, create a mood board for yourself and ask some questions, and stick with it for an extended length of time. I hope this was helpful. Let me know in the comments!

Do you struggle with narrowing your style?

What is your main concern with doing so?

How can you make some changes to narrow in with your current style?