Not Hating the Grind

Do you ever feel like, come on already, let’s move on to the next phase of life. Some phases are harder than others for sure, but I’ve been feeling a lot lately of wanting to move on and get things rolling rather than sitting back and being like, whoa, I’m super happy about everything.

Something that has really helped me overcome that feeling of mild depression (I can be a little bit dramatic at times) and anxiety is looking around and really taking stock of where I’m at and how I’ve been so blessed. 



So, I have recently officially launched R Artspace and I’ve started blogging. I’m not a pro blogger and I’m not a famous designer but somehow I think just because I’ve started my website and blogging I can quit my day job like, by next week. I’ve been soaking up all this online business information that it’s kinda hard going back to reality. The reality of... where is everyone? Why am I not yet rich and famous? (Not that I want that, but you get the idea)

Sometimes I feel like I'm so ready to move on to the next thing that I forget what I've done to get me to where I am now. Do you ever feel that way?

If you have your website set up and products for sale, way to go! You did the hard part of setting up shop and strategizing product sale. If you’ve just started blogging and are working on building an audience, well done! You’ve started blogging! It’s the first steps we have to be thankful for and realize that we’ve started and can make it the rest of the way if we continue to have drive and passion for what we’re doing. 


Passion is the fuel that keeps you moving. 


A lot of the days may feel like we’re grinding it out, but in the moments of not loving your life a ton, think of how far you’ve come and where you are now rather than last month. 

Something I decided to do is have a calendar just to mark the milestones in my business. I think it’s cool to have something tangible that you can say, wow, look what happened here and look how far I’ve come. And you can also look back and remember where you started.




There should always be patience with progress. 


Don’t be too hard on yourself, saying I should have this many subscribers now, or this many followers. Understand that it takes time and it’s ok.

Sometimes we see successful people in our field and think, oh wow, that just happened. But it took them grinding it out for who knows how long. Nothing ever happens overnight. It takes perseverance and consistency to reach the goal. 


Make Baby Goals


One thing to keep in mind as we’re staring out, is to make it a priority to make quantitative goals that will show you how much you’ve accomplished when you check them off. This goes back to the calendar, but it shows you how much you’ve done and you can be proud of your progress. And when you’re checking off goals and little milestones for you and your business, be proud! You reached 10 subscribers. Awesome! You made your first sale, well done! 


Celebrate the little things.


Make little goals for yourself. Weekly, monthly and quarterly and check up on yourself and see how you’re doing.


Be Grateful


In the time that you’re in the grind, make a list of things you’re grateful for and specifically name those things or people that have contributed to where you are now. If you’re an oil painter, be thankful your mom took you to painting classes when you were younger. If you’re a calligrapher maybe you’re thankful for your friends who are also calligraphers who push you to excel at your craft. Whatever the case may be, be thankful for who has helped you along the way and how you’ve been blessed to be where you are.


Thankfulness takes the misery out of life.


Just remember that it always takes time to get to the next step, but for now, enjoy the time it takes to get there, cause it won’t be forever. 


I hope this encourages you. Let me know what you think of this post.

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