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Why and How to Change Your Mindset as a Side Hustler

As a side-hustler, I feel like I look over the fence to my friends who work for themselves full-time and I sigh and say, ahh that would be nice. You get to work from home, work in your pjs, get to spend all day working on projects you love… the list of wonderful-ness goes on and on.

But the fundamental difference between those who are a full time entrepreneurs and the rest of us who are side-hustlers, is the simple fact is that one of us needs to get the clients and the other wants to get clients.

So, is there a way for those of us who aren’t there working for ourselves yet, to adopt a mindset that can get us there faster? And if so, what is that mindset?

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Crucial Questions You Need to Answer Before Getting a Logo

One of the biggest mistakes I see new business owners making is they think they need a logo when they're just starting out. Heck, that's what I thought when I started out too. And having a logo is important but what you really need is a game plan. A strategy.

I feel like we shy away from the word ‘strategy’ but strategy is the one thing you need for a powerful and profitable business.

If you think branding and strategy are unrelated items, think again. The essence of branding is that it’s being strategic with your visuals to usher in the right audience, to speak their language, and for your brand to represent the lifestyle you’re selling.


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