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5 Surprising Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is kind of like exercising. It’s a great for your business’s overall health and has some surprising benefits that you may not know about.

While I’ve been consistently blogging for over a year I still don’t consider myself a blogger. I just view blogging as a way to keep my business healthy, moving forward and further establish my expertise.

Blogging isn’t just great for establishing credibility and showcasing your expertise though, there are some more benefits you may not know of, let’s dive into five of the major benefitstoday.

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5 Branding Myths Busted

I'm a big fan of the StoryBrand podcast. You should give it a listen if you haven't heard it. But they have a quick segment in their episodes called Marketing Myth Busters - it's entertaining as well as informative. 

I love this format because a lot of us believe these things. And, in StoryBrand they bust these beliefs and explain why they're wrong.

I decided to use that same format for our topic today: branding. Hopefully it will be insightful to you and open you up to understanding a little more about branding and what it entails and why certain beliefs need to be busted.

So let's get started!

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Top Web Platforms Duke it Out

Today's post is extra special, because my friend Hannah Robinson is here and we'll be sharing about our favorite web platforms as well as giving you a summary of other top platforms and all the features they provide.

Hannah is the owner of Hannah Robinson Design, is a fellow brand designer, (business bestie!) and Showit expert. We decided to share our combined knowledge about what we know with the platforms we work best on.

We see so many comments in Facebook groups asking which platform is best and a lot of "this vs. that" questions. So today we teamed up to cut through the noise with this super informative post giving you the rundown on the top web platforms so you can make an informed decision

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Brand Launch for Healthy Pelican

Working with Whitney Andrus on the Healthy Pelican brand was a true joy. I used Whitney's excitement and her vibrant personality as inspiration for the brand which gave to a bold and playful color palette and expressive photos.

Whitney is a health blogger and she created Healthy Pelican as an online resource for moms (and women in general) seeking a healthy, manageable lifestyle.

Some of the words she chose to represent her brand were simple, open, relatable, light-hearted, and real. Her brand ended up being light and airy, feminine yet bold - a combination we both loved! At a glance you can tell that Healthy Pelican is about inspiration, everyday, and positivity. 

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The Major, Forgotten Element in Your Website Design

You've started your business and you've decided to either DIY your own website or invest with a website designer.

You're all ready to go with how many pages in the navigation, the copy for your about page, then your website designer asks for the photos you want to include. Uhhh... I'm supposed to find those? You immediately think.

The glaring problem is that you need professional photos that align with your brand, because photos are the gatekeeper for whether people come and spend time on your site or dismiss it and move on.

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4 DIY Brand Designs That Make You Look Inexperienced

I hate to say it, but not everyone can or should DIY their own brand. 

Now, before you get flustered, there is one thing you should know. I definitely am an advocate for saving money on your brand to get your business off the ground. 

But once you have established your business mission, your direction, your audience, and your offering, it’s time to get serious and hire a professional to do something they were trained to do and are comfortable doing: creating a brand that’s in line with your business voice and mission and making sure it’s not only cohesive and professional but also strategic. 

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6 Ways to Showcase Your Expertise and Become an Industry Leader

If you’re looking to own your niche, or be an industry leader with your expertise, chances are you need ways to show that you are an expert. 

You need to communicate your knowledge and value. 

But how can you and I do that? How does one rise above the crowd and become an industry leader or an expert in their field? I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I have some pointers that helps uncover the secrets of how industry leaders distinguish themselves from the crowd. 

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4 Brand Elements You Need to Launch Your Business with a Bang

Have you ever felt that there are some things holding you back from launching your business? Or even, starting to promote your passion project?

There’s a lot out there about branding and quality visuals nowadays, and when you're starting out it can be utterly overwhelming with all the things you need to do. 

This is perfect if you're in the beginning stages of your business and want to get moving without investing a lot into branding on the onset. Today I would love to go over the elements you need to get started and look legit.

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