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A Necessary Piece of Branding that Most People Forget About

When people think of branding they often think of a logo and color palette, and they’re not wrong. Those are very important elements of branding but you may be surprised to learn that branding includes the photos you’re putting out there as well.

Professional images are an integral piece of the branding process for so many reasons; one of them being they can VERY quickly establish you as a professional or as a novice. That’s why I love to take this aspect of branding off my client’s plate and provide it for them in my brand service: Brand + Photos + Website.

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How I Conduct an Out of Town Brand Photoshoot

If you need headshots, you typically look for a photographer in your city, but if your BRAND needs headshots (meaning some photos to represent your brand) you can work with an out-of-state photographer, which is how I work with most of my photography clients.

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The Best Way to Showcase Your Product

One of the coolest ways to showcase your products is using models. I think we, as consumers, have grown accustomed to seeing thousands of advertisements a day and a sure way to help your product stand out is by using that human connection.

Back when I worked at a wedding photography studio, one of my favorite parts of the day were capturing those beauty shots of the bride and those seemingly "candid" moments of the bride and groom. Capturing those moments came easy to me and I enjoyed taking them so much.

Years later when I started my own business, I incorporated photography into my branding services. I just knew that I wanted to offer those same "beauty" style shots, except using models and showcasing products –the perfect combination of using my strengths and serving artisans and makers where they needed it most.

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15 Creative Ways to Use Styled Photography

Taking your own styled photos, or getting brand photos taken for you, is one of the best ways to extend your brand with unique images that can make your memorable and stand out.

Not only do brand photos (meaning, photos taken specifically for YOUR business) give your business it's own personality, but it also sets it apart with professionalism, creativity, and confidence.

Ok, ok, you may be thinking. So how do I actually use my brand photos to the fullest extent?

I would love to unpack 15 creative ways you can use your photos to extend your brand.

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15 Ways to Use Brand Photography

I’m a huge advocate for business owners purchasing tailored stock photos for their business.

Just to name a few of the many reasons: Brand photos give your business personality, professionalism and when they’re original to your business they can show dimension and creativity.

But the inevitable question always comes up. How am I supposed to use these photos?

Today I would love to unpack the many ways you can use brand photos for your business and how you can get creative with what you have.

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Brand Photoshoot for Sonya Leigh Designs

More recently, the conversation about needing quality brand photos has been more frequent and pervasive. People, especially business owners, are understanding the need for quality photos to professionally represent their business, which is wonderful.

So when Sonya came to me in need of not only quality photos but interesting ones to represent her business I was very excited to get started.

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Save Time, Money, and Frustration in Your Branding by Doing These 4 Things

Branding is so much more than a logo or a slogan. It's your approach to communicating your value, your personality, and dimension. So, when branding, as many of us knows, is a valuable and sometimes expensive endeavor, how can we make sure that we

A) make sure our branding is right the first time
B) that we'll get the most out of our hard-earned money and
C) brand with the least amount of headaches

Let's discuss. Shall we?

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4 Ways to Stand Out with Your Brand

Whatever industry you’re in, it’s hard not to look around to see what everyone else is doing.

The reason I love so many other brand designer's styles and Instagram feeds is because they’re different than mine. My brand looks very different than other designers or even others who do branding. 

But the truth is, in order to stand out, you shouldn’t be following others in your industry, you should be doing your own thing completely unattached from what everyone else is doing.

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3 Types of Interactions to Grow Your Business

In the beginning stages of my business I decided to invest in several meet-ups for three reasons.

1) I wanted some feedback on my website, on my branding and some general advice for how to make it better,
2) With all the resources and content I consume online I wanted to know how and where to focus my attention. (I also touched on this topic in my last blog post “Finding Focus: The Cure for Shiny Object Syndrome”) and
3) I wanted to find other creatives to connect with, build community, and share encouragement.

When you're just starting out it's easy to feel kinda alone and I wanted to meet some like-minded people to help me grow and be challenged. So here are the 3 different types of meet-ups I did, what I took away from them and how similar ones can help you.

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