Tell Tale Signs You're Ready for a Rebrand

I’m working with a client right now who has a great brand that I didn’t create.

Her name is Sonya. She is a jewelry designer and has an incredible collection of beautiful, intricate, and confident jewelry that anyone would be thrilled to wear, but she came to me struggling with her business.

She told me it needed a “refresh” and after looking at her website and social media I agreed. She has a wonderful elements but it needed it to all come together. And that’s where the Brand Refresh came into play.

A lot of business owners start out all gung ho. They’re excited to get started and they either DIY or hire a designer for a logo and piece things together to make it work until they can make things more professional down the line and invest in branding.

I think it’s wonderful when business owners recognize the worth and value that comes with branding and how it can catapult your business to new heights, but how do you know if you need either A) a brand refresh or B) a full rebrand from the ground up?

Here’s how to know for sure.



The Brand Refresh

For a brand refresh, you acknowledge that your current brand is on-point with communicating to your target audience. It just needs tightening up on these 3 areas:


Narrowing Your Color Palette

If you started out with a wide color palette and you feel at a loss which colors to highlight and which colors to focus on, perhaps you just need a designer’s eye to help you narrow down.

For Sonya, she had a lovely color palette but I chose to focus in on her more rich tones and softer hues, which can better communicate to that higher-end clientele she’s going for.

If you want to take a thorough look at color and the power it has psychologically for your brand, check out this post.

So, if you’re trying to tighten up on your branding, narrow your main colors to 2 or 3. You can always add other colors to give dimension, but stick with 2-3 so you can be recognized immediately with your color palette.



Streamline Your Brand


Due to the fact that nowadays you not only have your brick and mortar or your website, you now have a lot of social media platforms to promote on, all the while maintaining a stellar brand: Consistency is key.

For Sonya, we recognized that it is of the utmost importance that her Instagram and website match seamlessly and in order to do that we needed to take some photos and do a little brand photography. Take a look at this post if you want some insights about brand photography and how to use it to your advantage in your business.

This takes the shape of her giving me jewelry she wants to feature on both her website and social media and I style photoshoots with models to showcase the jewelry.

We both knew we wanted to use models to promote an experience and lifestyle with purchasing Sonya Leigh Design jewelry. Doing this type of photoshoot will also make Sonya immediately stand out with professional photography using models to show off the jewelry.

Doing a brand photoshoot this way also gave me as the designer complete control with the colors we would use in the photos and how we can make them match her brand. Not only that, but I could make the transition between her website and social media seamless with styled photography that that could be both cohesive and recognizable. 

Standing out in your industry is paramount and a way to do that is with tailored photos to match your special brand that can be translated across many platforms.

Update Your Website

One major part of a brand refresh is to update your online presence or portfolio with not only new photos but also with new copy if you need it.

But visually, new images are key to giving your website a little face-lift.
It’s good to do a brand refresh every 6 months to a year to keep your portfolio and services updated and your photos recent and relevant. Reason being, is that your images will stay fresh and can grow with your brand.

One of the main concerns with Sonya’s website was that when her website was first launched, her jewelry lineup differed with what she offers now. So we wanted to make sure that the website reflected her growth in style and assortment.

So, we decided the best way to update her website and social media would be with a tailored brand photoshoot that included new images. So far, we’ve done one photoshoot  and will be doing the other one in a couple of weeks.


The Rebrand


Rebranding is when you create a whole new look for your business including a new logo, new color palette and new copy to express your views, values, and personality with your business. If you’re not sure if you need to rebrand or not, here are some tell-tale signs that you’re ready for a new direction:


Your Current Brand is Not Communicating Well to Your Ideal Audience


It doesn’t matter how great your brand is, if it’s not appealing to your target market, it’s not doing its job.

The most important thing with branding is making sure your business has a voice but also making sure those potential customers hear you loud and clear with your visuals and online presence.

If you’ve been in business for about a year and recognize that your ideal client isn’t finding you or that your marketing efforts are not clear then you may be up for a rebrand.


Your Visuals are not Cohesive


Like it or not, having a beautiful or at least professional photos are a requirement for a professional business. And cohesive visuals are a huge part of that.

Having great photos represents that you are professional and communicates your value the most effectively. If you’re struggling with making sure all your social media platforms have a consistent look or that your website’s photos are all professional looking you may need to seriously consider hiring a brand photographer.

Having clear, consistent, and quality photos make a huge impact to potential clients by showing off that you are professional and knowledgeable. 

If you're looking to DIY your own brand photos, take a look at this post where I share how to make your photos more professional and consistent. 


Your Website is Unclear

The purpose of your website is to guide the user through all the aspects of your business and direct them to your desired outcome, whether you want them to make a purchase or book your services.

It’s the website’s job to be your visual business card and show people how to hire you and what is important about your business and why it matters.

If you’ve been having trouble with people understanding and seeing the value you offer, then perhaps you need to have your website redesigned to make the user experience simple, conclusive, and effective.

Check out this post for simple strategies on how to make your website more effective. 

So those are the reasons you would either need to rebrand or refresh your brand. Do you find yourself in 1 of those 2 camps? Are you ready for a rebrand or a refresh? If yes, click here


Tell me, did you find this helpful?

How does your branding stack up?

How do you know if you’re ready for a brand refresh or rebrand?