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Project Details

Katie felt like her online presence was chaotic, unclear and confusing. While she’s a very successful online marketer and coach, she needed help looking the part. Together we created custom and cohesive brand identity including a logo suite, business, cards, Brand Style Guide, styled brand photography and even beautifully designed opt-ins to grow her email list. The website tied together all the elements we created and is the finishing touch of both Katie’s sharp professionalism and sassy personality.

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Kind Words

“I needed a vehicle to be able to capture people’s information for further marketing and did not have the time or skillset to design one myself. I felt frustration that it would never happen. [Now that I have a brand and website] It feels fantastic, I still have not even been able to put into it what I plan on yet, but it is coming soon. Now I’m just happy to have it in my back pocket to begin the next phase of growth.”

– Katie

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